Joint Health Complex Results - Hip, Knee, Rotator Cuff, etc.

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Joint Health Complex Results - Hip, Knee, Rotator Cuff, etc.
09.09.04 (8:33 pm)   [edit]


Hip surgery
Joint Health Complex works great! No more knee pain... 4/99
Just want to let you know the Joint Health Complex is working better than anything I have ever taken before. I am so accustomed to the chronic knee pain that I forgot how great my knee feels when it isn't hurting. I rode 23 miles on Tuesday with 30 pounds of Anna on the back of my bike. My knee hurt a little after 18 miles. So I iced it and took three extra Joint Health Complex before I went to bed. On Wednesday, I was pain free! Amazing.
Many, many thanks,
Becky Sittason

hip surgery - 7/98
I have osteoarthritis and take the joint health complex and alfalfa. I recently added EPA and that really helped. It works best with B-complex, Calcium Magnesium and Vita E (per Carol Dalton's tape on arthritis). Funny, I ordered the EPA for my skin and it got rid of the rest of my "stickiness" in my knee in the morning and after a long drive, etc. My pain is gone!

Swollen Knee question - 12/98
Has she tried Physique? Often when it is a tissue or muscle problem, it really works wonderfully well.
Donna Resnick

Arthritis Program Extends Life

Hi Vickie,
Thanks for your inquiry and for your continued support. My mother had arthritis when we got into Shaklee and she was so unhealthy that we were looking for something to help her. We found Shaklee, her health improved and we were excited.

We ALWAYS start people with an ounce of soy protein, Vita Lea (minimum of 2 per day), Vita-C ( 2-5 grams a day), and as much Alfalfa as it takes to reduce inflamation in the affected areas ( I take about 10-15 a day for my arthritis). This may all sound extreme but I sincerely believe that we had my mother around for an additional 20 years because of Shaklee. Most people didn't give her 5 years to live in 1970 and she died in 1993. It was well worth it!! GLA and Joint Health Complex came around in the last 3 years so she didn't get the benefit of them. I eat 5 Joint Health Complex a day and 3 GLA and my joints aren't as painful.

Rotator cuff injury - 12/98
My father-in-law had a torn rotator cuff and arthritis in his shoulder. I gave him a bottle of Joint Health Complex to try. He is the kind of person who "doesn't need vitamins". After about 2 months, he noticed the pain was less. He was having cortisone shots and taking some kind of medication. After being on the Joint Health Complex, he was able to stop all other treatments. He was even able to go golfing this summer with no pain afterward. He has told anyone he meets that has some type of joint pain about Joint Health Complex. Hope this helps.
Dave and Debbie Osenni

Recovery from Rotator Cuff Injury - 10/99
Shoulder Testimony
My husband Ken had rotator cuff surgery year ago this month. He had a complete tear all the way through. I would like to share his recovery. First he was back to work within 6 weeks, which is very early for that type of surgery, before the surgery he took double alfalfa, double joint health complex and double calcium. Right after the surgery he started taking 3 tablespoons of Physique twice a day plus the other supplements. He did fine and returned to work early and continued taking all his Shaklee supplements.

This past week he went in for his year check up. The Dr. who is very well known for his shoulder surgery and has a excellent reputation was taken aback. He couldn't believe that Ken had such a complete recovery. He again asked his age (which is 55) and said that he had never seen that much muscle development return in an injury of his kind or the range of motion return to that extent. Ken is a very faithful supplement taker and swears that he never could have made it through without Shaklee. He continues to take all the supplements especially the alfalfa 20-30 tablets a day and 2 joint health complex twice daily, he also feels the Vita E helped his healing process.
Jane DePagter

The Shaklee glucosamine supplement, Joint Health Complex, is a multi-blend of herbal ingredients unlike any product I have seen so far. I have checked out many different brands at stores and no product I've looked at compares to Shaklee Joint Health Complex. It's a one-of-a-kind!

Joint Health Complex "begins" with Glucosamine. Next is the herb Devil's Claw, then Alfalfa. All three of these ingredients are known to help people who suffer with arthritis, specifically, Osteoarthritis. Next there are minerals that are known to be helpful that are in Joint Health Complex, and they include Boron, Zinc, Copper, and Manganese. So, with Shaklee Joint Health Complex, you have a proprietary blend of 7 ingredients all designed to work together to help to build and maintain cartilage in the joints, and also will help to reduce inflamation in the joints. The result most people experience after using Joint Health Complex (3 capsules per day) for a month is a reduction of pain and stiffness in the joints, and greater freedom of movement.

We have many satisfied customers (including myself, bum knee no longer bum!) that have told us how thankful they are for Shaklee Joint Health Complex and how much better (and younger!) they feel because Joint Health Complex works and does what it is supposed to do, reduce the inflamation and pain in the joints, and provide greater freedom of movement in the joints. SHAKLEE PRODUCTS WORK! Rod Larkin

Dr. Miller-Joint Health Complex Research - 1/00
Go to MEDLINE and enter "glucosamine" then punch search. You will get a bunch of solid studies.

KNEE REPLACEMENT surgery - 4/99
Carol Dalton put out an excellent tape on Preparing for and Recovering from Surgery. If he's on all the supplements he should be fine. I have found that Zinc is great with bone pain, and with healing from surgery.

KNEE REPLACEMENT surgery - 4/99
My wife, Myra, just had total left hip replacement and is doing great!!! You have to see it to believe it. She has been taking loads of Shaklee for years. After listening to the Carol Dalton, she even stepped up the supplementation. Took them to hospital with. Sipped on Performance during her stay. . Has not had even one pain in the surgery area.

Osteoarthritis - 4/99
Zann, I have been on Joint Health Complex for a year now and I have Osteo in my toes real bad. It has helped me. I have quit taking my medication for a year now and I feel great. I am now trying to get my Doctor to try it on others. Also, my Aunt has been on it since Jan. of this year and she could hardly get off the couch and walk. She is now doing great with Joint Health Complex. She works at Wal-Mart here in Troy, Ohio and she is getting her co-workers started on Joint Health Complex.

Osteoarthritis - 4/99
I'm now 44 and have had very painful spinal osteoarthritis since my early 30's. I refused meds for years until someone told me they hurt just watching me move! The dr. put me on high dose aspirin. This lead to really wierd and fluctuating deafness, but because of major stress and other health problems, I never associated it with the aspirin until 1 1/2 years later, but my hearing returned 24 hrs after stopping the aspirin (spring 1993). Then I began rounds of various NSAIDs: ibuprofen, ketophren (spelling?), voltarin, and many others. Some were completely ineffective, others worked for a few months, but none completely relieved the pain. The other health problems (chronic fatigue syndrome) led me to Shaklee, and I tried high doses of alfalfa and EPA but didn't notice any improvement in the arthitic pain although I definitely improved in overall health.

I finally decided to just forget the meds because they weren't helping that much anyhow. My doctor then told me that he would no longer need to monitor my liver enzymes! I hadn't realized that the meds put my liver at risk! The following year Shaklee came out with Joint Health Complex. Exactly 3 weeks after I started taking joint health complex, I was able to get out of bed without taking at least 5 minutes due to severe pain. I have some bad spinal problems that means I will probably never be painfree, but Joint Health Complex has helped so much! (I take a bunch of other supplements as well, but I was already taking them and know that the difference in my arthritis came from the Joint Health Complex.)

I also have osteoarthritis in my wrists and hips. Rainy days used to make me ache all over, but now I don't even think about arthritis on rainy days./p>

My mother really likes Joint Health Complex, too, and feels like it works better for her when she also takes 10 alfalfa/day with it./p>

Hope this helps! fyi - to encourage people to take Joint Health Complex long enough (4 - 6 weeks) to get results, I offer a very low introductory price on two bottles for first time customers. ISTM that I once read a message from Dr. Bruce Miller that said if someone doesn't get results with the 3/day dose of Joint Health Complex, they should take 6/day. (3/day works for me).

Foot, knee, achy bones quit hurting
My sister, who is very skeptical, said only one Joint Health Complex a day has helped her foot to quit hurting. She was convinced enough that she encouraged a friend to try it for a knee problem. Personally, I feel it has been helpful to stop general achy bones that I was experiencing.

Pain-free and without Advil
My quick testimonial for Joint Health Complex is that my husband used to have to take two Advil a day for knee pain but within a week of starting Joint Health Complex he's been pain free!

39 year old walked in marathon after 8 years
My husband has bad knees. He has been on joint health complex for 1 yr. For the first time in 8 yrs he walked in the MS walkathon with me. He attributes it to the joint health complex only. He changed nothing else in his life, no diet, no exercise. - only joint health complex. He is 39 yrs old.
Carol Bryniarski

Vitamin C plus JOINTHEALTH COMPLEX builds cartilage
I'd heard on a tape by chiropractor Dr Mark DeBrincat that you ought to take in lots of Vitamin C when you're taking glucosamine because it additionally helps the body produce a lot of collagen to aid in cartilage rebuilding.
Shirley Koritnik

Off knee brace - 1/99
My Mom had knee surgery a few years ago but still had knee trouble. She has been on Joint Health Complex for over a year now and doesn't have to wear the brace they gave her any more....
Linda K.

No pain in a month
Hi my name is Peter and I'm a Shaklee Sales Leader. For three years I've been trying to get my father on Shaklee nutrition with no luck. Finally I saw blood pressure medication on his kitchen table and I completely lost it and yelled at him about taking care of himself and not trusting his own son. Not the best way to promote Shaklee I know! Well two months ago he started taking Vita-Lea,B-Complex,and EPA. His blood pressure went back to normal in just two weeks taking two a day! When he saw this he opened up to me and let me talk to him about his back and shoulder problems as they were in bad shape and giving him a lot of pain, (from all those years of sports up to 61 years ). He started taking one Joint Health Complex a day and two Cal-Mags and within a month he had no pain at all! He goes around to everyone telling them how great his son's Vitamin stuff is! Hope this helps you as it has my Father. P.S. He's still Very active playing on my League volleyball team and Marathon canoe racing at 61 years of age!

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